Top 25 Short Curly Hairstyles And Haircut Ideas for 2017

With the trend of natural hair the curly threads are increasingly present in such a way that so many women are already looking for inspirations for their curly hairstyle 2018. Today’s post was prepared with a series of photos that brings options of curly hairstyles 2018 for short hair.

Short curly hairstyles are a more daring and striking style, making it an ideal choice for contemporary women with strong personality, so we’ve brought you some options to get inspired.

Before presenting some fine examples, we want to provide a very important advice to keep your curly hair beautiful and healthy. Here are some tips for you:

  • Try not to wash your hair in very hot water.
  • Hydrate the threads every 15 days.
  • Renew the cut every 3 months.
  • Always look for a good professional to cut your hair.
  • At least once a month moisturizing the follicles with oils, such as extra virgin olive oil.

1 – Wavy Bob Hairstyle 2018

Wavy Bob Hairstyle

These are naturally soft waves in a choppy layered bob hairstyle. It is very modern and gorgeous for a short hair style.

2 – Asymmetrical Short Hairstyle

Asymmetrical Short Hairstyle

Asymmetrical short hairstyle always look best on naturally curly hairstyles, they are also perfect for triangle face shapes and they go very well with any garment.

3 – Cute Look

Cute Look
Some women think that thick and curly hair is a little harder to style but when you have nicely layered short hairstyle this is not a problem.

4 – Curly Bob Hairstyle

Curly Bob Hairstyle

We believe that angled bob looks best on curly hair. This is a gorgeous short hairstyle that can be cute and very sexy at the same time.

5 – Curly Bob Spirals

Curly Bob Spirals

Bobs look great with any type of hair, but these spirals are awesome for a short hair style.

6 – Brushed Out

Brushed Out

It is a style showing a controlled mess in a brushed-out look with selected curls holding a spring shape.

7 – Mixed Textures Hairstyle

Mixed Textures Hairstyle

With a side-swept bangs this curly look combine coils and strait style. A mixed of contemporary and retro textures.

8 – Messy Pixie

Messy Pixie

Curly pixie hairstyles are so simple to maintain. Run your fingers with gel, mess up a little and the result is stunning. Please, note that whenever using gel, try a formula without many harmful chemicals.

9 – Natural Volume Hairstyle

Natural Volume Hairstyle

The name says it all! Naturally look and naturally easy to maintain. Wash and go! Run your fingers through and shape as you would normally do and presto! You are ready to face the world.

10 – Highlighted Coils

Highlighted Coils

With this hairstyle you can highlight your coils using a contrast color to define the shape of your spirals. Sparkles light into your hair style.

11 – Twisted Up Faux Hawk

Twisted Up Faux Hawk

It is a creative style that lets the natural height of the tight curls stand tall down the center of the head, while the sides are twisted and tucked into the top to create the illusion of shaved sides.

12 – Short Curly Bangs

Short Curly Bangs

Curly bangs are popping up everywhere these days, and they’re not limited to longer styles. When cutting your hair for a look like this ask the stylist for the same length all around with eyebrow-skimming bangs that transition into your length.

13 – French Bob Style

French Bob Style

French bob style is on all the time. It can be done in short hair style or also with side swept bangs. It is a hairstyle perfect for any occasion.

14 – Curly Pixie Hairstyle

Curly Pixie Hairstyle

A short curly pixie hairstyle is one of the best for curly frizzy hair. By keeping the hair length short, it helps to control the frizz.

15 – Short Bob for Thin Hair

Short Bob for Thin Hair

This hairstyle creates volume. This kind of hairstyle is perfect for women with oval faces.

16 – Pixie with Bounce Hairstyle

Pixie with Bounce Hairstyle

Pixie haircut is one of the most loved short hairstyle that women often prefer and they can be styled in various ways according to preference and styling ideas.

17 – Short Curly Side-Swept Bangs

Short Curly Side-Swept Bangs

Very trendy hairstyle, worn by many executive women and very empowered ones. It is a classical style for a short curly hair.

18 – Vintage Curls

Vintage Curls

They are always on fashion. Thick, bouncy curls can be dressed down or dressed up for a special occasion.

19 – Bob with Soft Wave

Bob with Soft Wave

It is a very casual hairstyle. A bob and a soft wave is just the right hairstyle for any occasion.

20 – Bold Curls

Bold Curls

For those women who wanted to go all natural, this bold curls can be the star of any show. There is a perfect balance between the layers creating a weightless look.

21 – Shaggy Bob

Shaggy Bob

These curls are a little more electrifying. The overall style is sexy as a one-length bob. There is a small bang also off to the side.

22 – Flowing Waves Hairstyle

Flowing Waves Hairstyle

This short look sits above the shoulders. The rippling waves really create a magical look that you are sure to love. It has a wide side part that adds volume to the style.

23 – Shaved Back Hairstyle

Shaved Back Hairstyle

This is a bob with full of length on top and a shaved area at the back. All the curls would add volume extra to the top giving an appearance of a much fuller style.

24 – Kinky Curls

Kinky Curls

In this style the kinky curls are loose and longer in the front. This is another example of the angled bob with a much longer length in the front.

25 – Stacked on Top

Stacked on Top

This hairstyle is short in the back with the curls piled high on top of the head. The style looks great in any occasion.

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