Natural Hairstyles

Some women with natural hair are always facing surprises and difficulties with their hairstyle. For some of those with African descent their hair is painstaking to style or sometimes there is a lack of length to work on many tricks to achieve the best natural hairstyles. If this was not a drama in itself there is also another concern when the hair is becoming extremely dry and brittle with the use of styling chemicals and aggressive practices.

Many methods and advices are available on the Internet, and some of them can only be applied to one specific type of natural hair. It is important to take care of the condition of your hair if you want to achieve a more natural look, without causing further damage do the follicles.

natural hairstyles

Here we collected some options for Natural Hairstyles!

Protective Updos

The natural hair updos are not only versatile but they can be also easy to make. The use of updos can help protect from the elements and prevent loss of moisture from the follicles. It can be done in a hurry and also complement a look for any occasion.


These are a popular and natural hairstyles ideal for short hair women to achieve total curls. It is a practice amongst those ones with a more naturalist oriented mind. If done properly it is possible to sleep with them and preventing messing up the pattern of the curls. It is a style very easy to maintain. It is a look combining a frontal flat twist detail to protect even further the edges of the hair most prone to breakage.


They are a substitute for a normal bun, which is a style loved by so many African descend women. In order to create an outstanding and unique hairstyle some twists and braiding can be integrated to puffs. The result is an impressive look which will certainly turn heads.

Mohawks and Fauxhawks

Here we have a suggestion for hairstyles that never go out of fashion. They are perfect for black women with strong personality and flamboyant life style. In some case these hairstyles are like a statement to the world. I am here! When they are well kept these styles become a trade mark for some rock star or movie celebrity.

Finger coils

When someone is looking for hairstyles capable of causing an impression, finger coils can be an excellent option. This hairstyle on any length and texture can be a lasting and an excellent option for curly styling. It may take up to two hours do make it, and can last for up to three weeks. You will be seen in another frame of beauty.

However, the question still remains about the amount of time daily you would like to dedicate styling your hair. I believe that you would love to spend the minimum time possible, and obviously not going out with your hair undone, in a sort of mess on top of your head.

It is possible to find on the youtube lots of videos showing step by step how to take care of your hair and achieve a protective natural hairstyle to limit the stress and impact of the elements threatening the health of a natural hair. And also, it is important to keep your hair well looked after. Do not use strong chemicals they may cause damage in an irreversible way to your hair and your scalp!

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