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If you have a fancy party to go to or a night out and don’t know what to do with your hair, we can assure you that with the right hairstyle you cannot go wrong. In addition to being super stylish, the fact that the hair is well tied up and with everything in place gives you more confidence.  As we are always looking for the latest news, we have made a list of very sophisticated and creative ideas for you to wear at the next special event. Check it out!


Ponytail with lateral braid

There is no bad hair day that a beautiful ponytail cannot improve. It is worth remembering that the higher it is, the more elegant and powerful it will look like. As it is a very simple hairstyle, you can turbinate it by making a unique braid on the side of the hair, from the root to the tips. Then just attach all the strands together and you will feel empowered.

Bubble ponytail for weddings

Bubble tail (or bubble ponytail) is the new outfit that is having so much success among the famous. It is very easy to do and can be used both in day to day and in sophisticated events. All you have to do is lock all the hair in a ponytail and use elastics to create separations, the so-called “bubbles”.

Boxer braid to enjoy a night out

The braid boxer is inspired on the fighters, who have a specific style of holding the locks before the fight. Although it looks very elaborate, the hairstyle is nothing more than two braids built into the sides of the head. After dividing the strands into two parts, each section is individually braided from the top of the head to the tips, close to the root. This is the ideal outfit for you to wear on weekend outings, at the gym and when going out to dance.

Braid fishbone with tuft

The braided fishbone is the terror of girls who do not have much skill for hairstyles. But we assure you there is nothing difficult, it is just laborious. If you want to add the tuft, let’s start by separating a large wick at the top of the head up to the crown. Spray fixative spray and undo the wick with a fine comb, moving it in the opposite direction to the growth of the hair. The wick should be quite voluminous at the root. Now, then, let’s braid.

Start by dividing your hair into two large strands – it’s easier if you make a tail, hold it with a rubber band, and split it into two pieces, each holding a thinner elastic. Then go separating a wick from each side and pulling it to the other, always alternating the sides. The trick is to smooth well so the hair is defined and you do not get lost in the braid.

Curly Hairstyles Tip

Curly hair always seems to be smaller than it really is. This happens because of the curly shape, which tends to shrink when they are dry. However, this natural feature of the curls can become even more pronounced, depending on their type of hairstyle you choose.

Therefore, cutting in layers can increase or decrease the volume of curls. Many curly hair women love the volume of their hair and do not care about the shrinking factor, while others do not like that and prefer less bulky curls.