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Hair care is a global trend in cosmetics and it is here to stay: on one side, the cosmetics industry offers more exciting new products with the most radically different components, some of them synthetic, some of them being examples of biotechnology.

natural hair care

On the other side, never before so many people around the world have cared about the origin, ecological impact and long-term effects of the products, nor shared so many information, recipes and alternatives to the hardcore-chemistry approach of conventional beauty products.

The collaborative logic of internet has sure contributed to this marvelous scenario of dialog and discovery. From forums to blogs, to the burst of the social media Internet 2.0 sharing-culture and videologs, the content is out there somewhere and it usually doesn’t take much to get to it.

For instance, the growing use of coconut oil for hair is regarded as a healthier option to detergent and soap-based shampoos, styling gels, conditioners and hair masks. New, thrilling options like this are sometimes only partially known. In our article, you can learn pros and cons of its use: from some of its structural compounds and differentials, to why not everyone will get to take the best of it. But we don’t overwhelm you with formulas, scientific names or expect that you spend thousands of dollars and a lot of time taking care of your hair. We like do adopt a posture of user to user, since we also use those products and also had the same questions, doubts and curiosities about the subjects we are going to explore.

Many problems and questions remain the same: here, you can learn how fast does hair grow, knowing the exact phases of that process to better understand how your hair evolves and possible treatments and daily cares. For example, if you also want to know how to get rid of frizz, you have to understand that moisturize is very important and also stimulate your hair for it to grow more on the anagen phase of growth. And using a blower with all the power available can be a bad thing, since it can hurt your scalpel and dry your hair to a point that when you go out, it needs all the wet and humidity possible, hence the frizz.

How Effective Is The Natural Hair Care?

Information on the sometimes softer chemistry behind natural, common and versatile ingredients is widespread. From argan and marula oil to mud shampoos, there’s a strong stimulus to discussion on how effective some mixtures can be to substitute traditional soaps, shampoos, gels, foams. And the tendency is that the industry absorbs all that knowledge and start tackling more and more products, since your nature is wise and vast.

The most important thing in this case is to identify the effects of the products and get to know what alternative ingredients can emulate their effects. If to some it might feel too experimental to submit every single formula to trial-and-error, we’ve compilated three exciting homemade leave-in conditioner recipes and some useful information on this product, such as the differences between leave-ins and rice-outs.

These are part of the new promising alternatives for less aggressive hair care. After many years of popular knowledge, even the big pharmaceutical and beauty industries are surrendering to the power of nature and its healing properties that can be found on a garden close to you. Don’t miss this opportunity to know more about natural hair care, to end up with a beautiful and healthy hair, improving your confidence and well-being.