Wouldn’t it be amazing to wake up with glorious hair each and every morning? So, there’s a lucky few who have naturally perfect hair. They wake up and look like they stepped out of a shampoo commercial. For the rest of us who wake up like mangy poodles, we are perpetually looking for a solution to our hair woes. Thankfully, Sleep Styler curlers have come to the rescue.

Now you can get soft curls, and heatless curls all with the same product that you can use overnight to wake up with amazing hair every morning.

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Let’s Talk About our Hair Woes

We all know that our hair takes a toll on the daily. Between coloring, perming, straightening, blow drying and all the other things that we do to our hair, it’s a wonder there’s any of it left on our scalp!

We all want to look good, but, could there be a way to look good while being good to our hair? Heatless is the buzz word in the hair industry these days. Beauty bloggers and regular women all over are talking about the best heatless styles to protect hair from damage.

Big curls and waves are all the rage these days, but getting the look involves a lot of heat and damage. You can just go to YouTube and find countless videos on some styles to get beautiful, big curls for your hair without using heat. Many of them are very effective, but the drawback? They take time! And most of us, simply don’t have the time. This is why many of us want to be able to curl hair overnight, so that we can be ready in the morning.

The problem with trying to get overnight curls is that it can be mighty uncomfortable. But, we have finally found a solution!

Introducing Sleep Styler for Gorgeous Curls

These hair rollers are soft curlers that help you get overnight curls in a super comfortable and simple way. They are Velcro rollers made from memory foam and covered in microfiber.

The memory foam acts like a pillow, so sleeping on them is super comfortable, thus solving one of our biggest overnight styling problems.

sleep stylerThe microfiber material used as a covering is absolutely brilliant! It actually absorbs excess moisture, thus leaving your hair frizz free, smooth and perfectly styled with silky, big curls that will last all day long.

Sleep Styler Benefits

In order to get a polished look for our hair, we put it through a lot of stress and damage. Ironically, the more we do to our hair, the more difficult it becomes to make it look good. So, we have to use more and more chemicals, heat, and other products in order to look good.

Even more, we have to spend more and more time! Time, a luxury we don’t all have. With these amazing hair rollers, we can take our hair care to the next level.

Here’s a list of the benefits of styling our hair with Sleep Styler hair rollers:

  • They are easy to use: Rolling up your hair each night will only take about 5 to 10 minutes, depending on how much hair you have. It’s extremely easy to do so! And it’s even easier to remove the curlers in the morning.
  • They reduce frizz: Because they are made with microfiber, which absorbs all excess water, they leave your hair super smooth and shiny.
  • They are very comfortable: You can actually sleep on these rollers just as if they were a pillow, because they are made with memory foam.
  • They protect your hair: Since there’s no heat, there’s not damage to your hair! In fact, wrapping your hair up in them is a protective style that will prevent breakage while you sleep.
  • They are versatile: You can use these curlers to curl or straighten hair!
  • Save yourself time and space: You can quickly use these curlers to save time for all of your hairstyles and they can even replace many of your styling tools. It’s a win – win!

Step by Step Guide for Using Sleep Styler Curlers To Get Beautiful Heatless Curls

  1. Clean and Condition Hair: You can’t have dirty oily hair and expect your curls to last or even look good. Make sure you wash your hair and condition it properly for a soft and luxurious feel and style that lasts.
  2. Work with Damp Hair: These curlers suck the moisture out of your hair and in the process style your hair. It’s important that your hair is damp, but not too wet when you get started or your style will not last.
  3. Put the Curlers On: Depending on the style you are looking for, you need to place the curlers in your head. You need to either wrap your hair around the curler or attach the curler to straight locks of hair. The Velcro is then wrapped around the hair and the curler. Doing either style, you have to make sure the hair is placed very tightly and that you use enough curlers to cover all of your hair.
  4. Keep the curlers on for at least 8 hours: It’s important that the curlers stay on for a long time. No heat styles require it. This is why it’s extremely convenient to be able to sleep while your hair is setting. Since they are comfortable little pillows, relax and enjoy your rest while your hair gets beautiful!
  5. Remove the Curlers: Open each curler and carefully slide the hair out in the morning. Separate the curls with your fingers and make them more natural. Don’t use a brush or you will make your hair frizzy! You may use a bit of serum and if any piece looks wrong, just use a curling wand to fix it right up.

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It may take a little bit of practice to get a perfect hair styling routine down. The more you use the product, the more you will figure out what works best for your hair. The longer you avoid heat, the better the condition of your hair! You will be able to grow your hair out and preserve and protect it for the long-haul.

Sleep Styler rollers are the best way to achieve heatless curls and even heatless straightening of the hair. The super high quality product is extremely soft, comfortable and durable. Additionally, they are extremely easy to use. You will be able to do your hair with 5 to 10 minutes in the evening, sleep comfortably all night, and wake up to amazing hair that only takes a couple minutes of your time in the morning.

Additionally, the price point of this product is nothing to sneer at! You can replace all of your styling tools for a fraction of the cost. You can find similar products for a lot more money, but why spend more when you can have the best quality curlers for so much less? You will love the results and you will never go back to the heat!